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Can I comment now? LOL Sorry about letting the cat out of the bag, re: operation. *hand over mouth* I was fussing! *sheapish grin* Hee!

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Oh hon it's fine :P I should have told Lirie along time ago.

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What's a grokking?


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Read the book skank.

And Chad I'll give it to you later...on msn...

WMC Hershey's Kisses

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Hi there, I've had a bit of a glitch with getting someone to send Hershey's... could you maybe give me your paypal email address again?, and of course I'd love to be added, too ;-)

Re: WMC Hershey's Kisses

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Sure snookie ^_^ It's, and you should be added now.
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eeeeeeeeeeeeee! I've NEVER seen that picture before! OMG, I love it. *now has the giggles over adorable!prostrated!Mary, and thinks she may be using too many exclamation marks...* Added you. :)

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She is adorable isn't she? I just love Katee's face in it too, like "Ohhh yeah, we're snuggly".

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Add me? ;-)

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Done and done. ^_^ Add me back?

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I keep seeing you around, so, I thought I'd come and say Hola...I hope you don't mind that I've added you...Amiga back? *smiles*

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^_^ Don't mind at all. Consider yourself friended.

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i thought this would be a group about mandala paintings. i am disapointed.

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I'm sorry to disappoint.

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And by "I'm sorry" I mean I don't really give a shit and your comment was fucking rude.

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So, as with so many of my friends, I stumbled upon you after looking at a friend's post, then following someone's another someone's another someone's comments, and now here I am.

And your comment? Brilliant.
(The icon too - what's that from?)

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Heh, which comment was it?

The flippin' the bird icon? It's from "forces of nature". That movie Sandra was in ages ago. Of course I prefer her character in "Practical Magic" best.

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Oh, the one telling off some douche for being pissed 'cause your journal's not about mandalas.

But I was also intrigued by your mention of meeting a gf from a foreign country here in the lj realm... (since I'm going through something similar right now)
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Mind if I come hang out for a while?

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Not at all, make yourself at home. ^_^

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Any chance you want to be LJ friends? I'm very friendly!

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Hee, I'd love to. I do have a tendency to rant and fangirl though! Fair warning. :P
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I'd love to be added. ^_^ LFN was my first fandom ever and I miss squeeing over it. Come make yourself at home. :P

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Hello! I believe you were at AT4 (at least, I read you and Halfbloodme were stuck in an elevator. I'm always curious about getting fellow Amanda fans, plus you also seem to like BSG, which I do too.

I would be interested in friending you, and getting to know you better. I'm just waiting to know whether you accept or not to friend you... or not ;) . Wouldn't want to invade :)

Hope you are well,


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I was and we did!

And my policy is pretty much "the more the merrier" espcially with a fellow Amanda/BSG fan! Consider yourself added!

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Thank you !!

I hope that stuck in lift stuff didn't make you think too much of Sam/Helen stuck in a lift... right? *giggles*

You know what's worse about AT4 and us? Is that I was there too, and so I'm SURE we crossed path sometime during the weekend, but I cannot for heaven's sake remember any details about you *iz sad*... There were too many faces for the Gabit-events newbie head that I was. We'll have to get that fixed by AT5, right? (a)

Please! You see a picture taken on "Kobol", friends only, with Katee, Tamoh and Mary, plus Amanda in the banner and that little lift story... I cannot NOT try and get to know you better XD . Well, I'm glad you accepted :D . Ask halfbloodme, I'm a nice girl, promise =p

Have a good evening :)

[identity profile] 2010-01-20 02:06 am (UTC)(link)
It did after, but at the time I think all I and [ profile] halfbloodme were thinking was: "ZOMG WE'RE GONNA DDDIIEEEE!!!" :p

Oh I'm sure I ran into you as well, it'll probably hit us both eventually. And, if not, we will get it fixed by AT5 like you said. ^_^

Heh, if you ask her she may not say I'm such a nice girl...I'm her girlfriend. Hee. :P

Naw I'm kidding, I don't bite...much. :P

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*comments to be friendly*

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You has a Michelle icon. That's really all I need to know about anyone to know that I should add them. :P *adds you to mah list*

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And I has ze lesbian vid ... (that MUST ocunt for some credit!)

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Oh you know it! I swear I'm gonna do an audio cut, put it on my iPod, and listen to her say that on repeat for a week or so. Me...obsessed? Nah!

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i know the feeling, believe me haha. i uploaded a .wav to my lj post. link is in the replies...

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Hi! remember me?

Just clearing my flist and realized that I'm not on yours. lol. Keeping you on still--would be great if you'd add me back! :)

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...I didn't realize that I'd removed you. That's odd...but hey, you're added back now hon. Happy to have ya! ^_^

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LOL That's ok :P And thanks for adding me back! :D Love your header by the way. :D

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Im in a lj land com and we have a challenge where we have to find icons that match a certain theme. Do you mind if I use your Maryann OM NOM NOM for the challenge? You'll be created and I won't hotlink the icon.

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I don't mind at all. ^_^

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If you like, you can see my entry here.

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hey dude. I saw your comment on an amanda/clarice caprica mix ( I cannot find a single community for them- why??? They are the only reason I stuck with caprica through that mid-season boredom-fest-phew! tangent!)Anyway and then I saw your profile. Words cannot do justice to how much I love that battlestar picture ...and michelle forbes :) Anyway I was wondering could we be lj friends?

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I have no idea why there are no Amanda/Clarice comms either. People have no taste? :P

Sure we can be lj friends. Forbes fans gotta stick together. I do tend to rant, so you've been warned. :P