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Thank you !!

I hope that stuck in lift stuff didn't make you think too much of Sam/Helen stuck in a lift... right? *giggles*

You know what's worse about AT4 and us? Is that I was there too, and so I'm SURE we crossed path sometime during the weekend, but I cannot for heaven's sake remember any details about you *iz sad*... There were too many faces for the Gabit-events newbie head that I was. We'll have to get that fixed by AT5, right? (a)

Please! You see a picture taken on "Kobol", friends only, with Katee, Tamoh and Mary, plus Amanda in the banner and that little lift story... I cannot NOT try and get to know you better XD . Well, I'm glad you accepted :D . Ask halfbloodme, I'm a nice girl, promise =p

Have a good evening :)

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It did after, but at the time I think all I and [ profile] halfbloodme were thinking was: "ZOMG WE'RE GONNA DDDIIEEEE!!!" :p

Oh I'm sure I ran into you as well, it'll probably hit us both eventually. And, if not, we will get it fixed by AT5 like you said. ^_^

Heh, if you ask her she may not say I'm such a nice girl...I'm her girlfriend. Hee. :P

Naw I'm kidding, I don't bite...much. :P