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i thought this would be a group about mandala paintings. i am disapointed.

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I'm sorry to disappoint.

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And by "I'm sorry" I mean I don't really give a shit and your comment was fucking rude.

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So, as with so many of my friends, I stumbled upon you after looking at a friend's post, then following someone's another someone's another someone's comments, and now here I am.

And your comment? Brilliant.
(The icon too - what's that from?)

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Heh, which comment was it?

The flippin' the bird icon? It's from "forces of nature". That movie Sandra was in ages ago. Of course I prefer her character in "Practical Magic" best.

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Oh, the one telling off some douche for being pissed 'cause your journal's not about mandalas.

But I was also intrigued by your mention of meeting a gf from a foreign country here in the lj realm... (since I'm going through something similar right now)